Thursday, July 12, 2007

Weight Loss - Update/ Sacramento Visit

On July 1st I was in Sacramento. It was great to see all my family that lives there.
It's always fun trying to get the girls to cooperate for a picture. I made a deal with them. I told them that if they would pose nicely for a couple of pictures then they could make as many funny faces as they wanted to. So here are the "nice poses"

Here is a picture of Kate complaining that she wants to make the funny face and can't handle smiling anymore. Sarah already had her face down and it looks like George does too. I am still just trying to smile and look good. :)

Here Sarah and Kate are both doing their funny faces. I think they look really cute.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures with Amy. Next I will have to make her pose in a picture with me. Words alone can not express how much I miss Sarah and Kate. They are so cute. They both came with George to pick me up from the airport. They were in their pajama's and as cute as ever. I just love them so much. I can't believe how much Kate has grown up in the past month. I mean when I left she seemed to be getting so tall. After not seeing her for a month she looked so big to me. Even the way she would talk and everything she seemed like such a little adult. Sarah seemed a lot bigger too, although it wasn't as noticeable to me as Kate.

Here is a picture of Gideon and I. We are both laughing because Gideon is standing on his tippy toes so he looks taller. It was funny.

He was doing that because Nathan is taller than him, so he wanted to try and "show him up".

I've just got to love my brothers. Always in competition with each other. I guess it is the Jones way. We are all pretty competitive.

While I was there I also went and saw Dr. Hendricks for my weigh in appointment. I only lost about 4 pounds. I was disappointed in that since I hadn't been in for a month and I had been working out so much doing my hikes. However, I did have about a 5 day span where I had a milkshake everyday. So I am sure that is what did me in as far as my weight loss goes. I am going to go see Dr. Hendricks again in August. So, hopefully I will have better results and better self control. When I have my next appointment they are going to do my body composition. It will be interesting to see how much body fat I have lost. It will be a good comparison to see where I was at when I started this diet back in December. One thing I do know is that my BMI was a 41 when I started. It is now a 29. I have moved from "obese" to "overweight". I can't wait until I get into the "normal or average" category. I will be sure to post an update of all the stats.