Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Discovery

Dave found this great hiking trail. It is only 2 miles and pretty simple. The best part is that you hike up to this beautiful lake.

Hiking, A Dare, & A Dip In The Lake

I think the title of this post pretty much sums up what happened. Me, Nya, and Dave went on a hike. It was sooooo hot!! When Nya and I saw the lake we ran to put our feet in it. Nya dared me to take a dip in the lake. So I did it. I think Nya and Dave were a little shocked at first that I actually did it.

I finally got Nya to come and take a dip with me. We had a blast!!!

Oh No! I lost my hat!!

We took Nya hiking with us one morning. We hiked to the lake and Nya was just getting in the water when there was a big burst of wind. It blew her hat off her head and into the lake.

Thankfully, Uncle Dave held onto her hat so she could play in the lake.


Dave went hiking with Stacey, Trent, and Blake

Temple Square

Salt Lake Temple

Dave's sister Sarelle came to Utah for a week this summer. It was so good to see Sarelle, Shane, and the boys. It just so happened that Sarelle was able to have Trey baptised in Orem so all the family could be present. I didn't get any pictures at the baptism, but we did get a picture with Trey when we went to Temple Square.

Stacey, Sierra, Sarelle, & Shane

We took a tour of the Conference Center. This is the view from the roof.

4th of July

Thanks to Matt & Bekah for a great 4th of July party!!!!!

4th of July Pinata

All the kids had fun with the Pinata

Kids going totally crazy to get as much candy as possible.

4th of July "Knock Out"

One of the bouncy house's had a boxing ring. The gloves were huge and Matt took on Mike. It was a great match and didn't last that long, but we all had a great time watching.

Hiking Family Reunion July 2010

One of the activities that we did was go on a hike. I was concerned about going on a hike that might be too difficult. We did have 3 toddler's and a baby with us. The week before the reunion Me, Bekah, & Dave went out in search of a good hike. We went to several trails. At the first trail it was really steep. I said to Bekah "I think this is too hard. I don't think the little kids will be able to do it" The fact that I am so overweight and out of shape Rebekah and I agreed that I can represent the toddler's. If I felt I couldn't do it, then the little one's probably wouldn't be able to do it either. We had a good laugh about me not being able to do a lot of the trails.

George and Kate roughing it off the trail.

Rebekah told me that every time Nya goes hiking she say's "I hope I see a snake". Nya has been on a ton of hikes and has never seen a snake. Well on our hike there were two trails. One was easy and the other was a little harder. Dave took one group on the harder trail. As he was walking along the trail he all of the sudden jumped about a foot and yelled "SNAKE". At first he thought it was a rattlesnake, thankfully it wasn't. All of the kids were so excited. Nya finally got her wish, she saw a snake.
Me, Dave & Kate

Hiking Family Reunion July 2010

Kate, Nya, Katya, Cali, & Juliette

Sarah with her huge walking stick

Olympic Park Family Reunion July 2010

We went to the Olympic Park in Park City. We watched the ski jumpers as we ate lunch. It was really cool to see them go off the jumps and land in the water.

Trying out the Bobsled. We may have some future olympians here.

While the majority of the family went to do the Alpine slide and Zip-line, I went to Nya's dress rehearsal for her dance class.

Family Reunion July 2010

Juliette & Katya

Jack & Daisy (Daisy is such a good sport)

Classic picture of Mom

Picture's of Family Reunion July 2010


George & Nathan wishing Dad a Happy Father's day via Skype.


Katya & Cali


Picture's of Family Reunion July 2010

Mom & Aunt Lettie

Disclaimer - To all my brother's with your large ego's. I am not showing any favoritism towards George. It just turned out that I had a lot of good picture's with him in it. I know as George is reading this that he is saying that he is the "best looking brother" and that is why there are so many pictures of him. I must apologize to Jethro, Gideon, and Nathan, because we all know George is never going to let any of us forget that I had the most pictures of him on my blogs.

George & Amy

George & Sarah

George & Kate

Gideon, Becky & Parker