Monday, February 23, 2009

Weight Loss

I started off the year with hopes of losing weight. I got off track and decided it is now time to get going. I began a new diet last Sunday. It is from a book by Dr. Mark Hyman. My mom did his weight loss plan and she was amazed at how great she fell. She has been after me to try it, so she sent me the book. There are several things that he suggests to cut out of your diet. Especially the first 6 weeks. No dairy, wheat products, sugar, soda, caffeine, or processed foods. I eat lots of veggies, fruit, organic brown rice, and lean meats. I am amazed at how good I felt just after one week. I have a lot more energy. The best part is that I lost 5 pounds. Now I have 45 more pounds to go! Ahhhh that sounds like so much, but I will do it. Last week I didn't include any exercising. This week I plan on starting back on Yoga. Yoga is a great form of exercise and it relieves alot of stress. My job is so stressful that I really need a good way to release that stress. Once spring comes and the weather is nice I will start walking again. I hope the snow in the mountains melts soon so I can start hiking. Hiking is my favorite form of exercise. Dave loves hiking too. So we plan on doing a lot of hiking this summer.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

On Saturday night Dave and I babysat Katya and Cali. (See Jethro and Staci's post). We had a great time and the girls are so fun. They are both walking all over the place and they are so cute. It came time to put the girls to bed. They both went down just fine. Katya kept getting out of bed. Everytime she came out into the kitchen, which is about how far she got, I would tell her to get back in bed. She would go and climb back in bed. Seconds later she would be back out again. After about 15 times of telling her to get back in bed, I decided I would close the door so she couldn't escape. Dave and I were watching TV for about 15 minutes and I commented on how quiet the girls were. I figured they were sound asleep. I thought my closing the door had done the trick. I told Dave I was going to go check on the little angels. This is what I found when I opened the door.

Katya was also nice enough to share with Cali. I found in Cali's crib several mini bottles of baby shampoo and lotion as well as some other miscellaneous items. Of course as soon as I discovered all of this Jethro and Staci came home. They just laughed and Staci said "Welcome to my world"


After we left San Diego we went to Disneyland for 3 days. We had a blast. It had been four years since Dave and I have been to Disneyland so we were both very excited. The first ride we went on was Indiana Jones. That is my favorite ride. My second favorite ride is Splash Mountain and Dave and I went on that after Indiana Jones. We on every ride in Disneyland and California Adventure. At least all the rides that were open. I do have to say by the third day we were all exhausted.

San Diego

Well I figure since I went to San Diego a couple of weeks ago, I should probably get around to blogging about it.
We went with Cameron, Shayna, Courtney, Derek,
and Jenny

Dave and I had a wonderful time the few days we were in San Diego. I was really excited to show him some of my favorite places that I used to go when I lived there. Our first stop was Coronado. It was great to drive over the bridge that spans across the ocean as you arrive on the island. We went there in the evening and even played in the water. The water was cold, but after your feet went numb it was fine.
This picture shows the city of San Diego across the bay from Coronado.

On Sunday we went to Sea World. Another one of my favorite places. Our first destination was the Dolphin exhibit. We wanted to be sure to feed the Dolphin's so we could have the opportunity to be up close to them and pet them. It was so cool because anyone who bought fish to feed the Dolphins got to go to a special area that was roped off from everyone else so we got special access.
The best part of the entire Sea World trip was the Shark Encounter. For those of you who don't know, Sharks are my favorite animal. Dave's favorite animal is also a shark so we were in 7th heaven. We found out that for an extra $10 you can go behind the scene's and get a chance to pet a shark. We will have to do that for sure next time we visit. Cool shark teeth in the background. I am sure they are fake, but it is such a great exhibit.
We were just walking down the path to go to another exhibit and we saw all these flamingo's just walking around out in the open. There were Seaworld employee's present and I think they were herding them to the flamingo exhibit.
We saw a lot of shows. I always like to see the animals and all of the neat tricks they can do. It is amazing how high the dolphins and killer whales can jump out of the water.
On Monday we went to Pt. Loma, Seaport Village, and another one of my favorite places La Jolla. I love La Jolla because of the cliffs and because you get to see seals on the beach and in the ocean. It felt so good to be back home in San Diego. I loved being back at the beach and became a little homesick. I was happy to be able to share this special part of my life with Dave. Dave fell in love with San Diego and wants to move there now. I wouldn't be opposed to that, but only time will tell.