Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's Up With The Weather?

The weather has really been driving me crazy. One week it is cold and snowing. The next week it is in the 70's. Then we get rain, snow, and more cold weather. I get really excited once spring comes. I love springtime when the flowers start to bloom, the tree's seem to come back to life, and the temperature is at a comfortable 70 degree's. (Except for this past month when the weather has been so moody).Last week Dave and I took advantage of the beautiful weather. We went on a great hike and it was exciting to see the river raging down the mountain. That means the snow is melting and there are more hikes in the near future.
Dave went up the side of the mountain to get a picture of the flowers that I posted above. They are so pretty. Thankfully, Dave is brave and tackled the steep mountain side. I sure wasn't going to go up there.


Reuel and Ana said...

beautiful pictures of the flowers and river. spring is coming and you will be better. it is so nice down here that we only know when the spring comes with the blooming of certain trees. the summer comes with more blooming, as does the fall and winter. yester day it was a cold day. it fell all the way to 65 degrees. I think that was winter for us.

Kirstin Schmidt said...

I told Steve the other day that the weather was going through menopause or it was pms-ing. It has hot flashes! Then is cold and angrier then ever!! Glad you got out before it snowed again!!!