Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Times

Today, Dave and I went to Matt and Rebekah's again. Matt and Rebekah are the best entertainers. They love to have people come to their house for B-Que's and just to have a good time. There are always so many people there and it is fun to meet new friends and see old ones. And of course it is good to spend time with family. Rebekah is a fabulous Mexican food cook. Matt is an excellent cook too. He made homemade Salsa, which was to die for. He also makes the best Carne Sada on the grill.

Thankfully Matt and Rebekah are here to make good Mexican Food. Matt and Bekah's sister-in-law Christina, makes delicious beans and Horchata. Since they are all from California, they have Mexican food nailed down. There are NO good Mexican Restaurants in Utah. There is one that everyone claims is so good "Cafe Rio". Everytime I go there I am totally disappointed. I personally think it is way over-rated and miss the good authentic Mexican Food from California.

Here is a picture of the tables before they were loaded with food.

Matt and Rebekah never disappoint. They rented this bouncy house with a water slide for the kids. They all were in 7th heaven.

Nya and Cali

Jethro, Cali, and Nya. Yeah Jethro for being a good sport and going down with your girls. Too bad you had your Ipod and Car Keys in your pocket the whole time. Oops! Bummer!

Jethro and Katya

Cute kids having a blast!

Apparently, there were two other kids who really became the life of the party. Matt and Dave! They got in the bouncy house and all the kids were happy to be bounced all over. Of course Matt and Dave couldn't resist the water slide.

Matt going down the slide.

Dave getting in the bouncy house.

In the bouncy house "Smile for the camera"

Getting ready to go down the slide.

Down you go!!!!!!!!!


Yes, he did get me wet from his splash and several other people. We were all laughing.

Of course, Matt couldn't let Rebekah miss out on the fun. So he picked her up and well, the pictures do the talking.

Watch out Rebekah!

Matt tackling Rebekah to make sure she gets good and wet. No escaping from Matt.

Bekah getting out.

Rebekah and Staci have Camera's that are way better than mine. So for some great shots be sure to check out Staci and Bekah's blog in the next few days.


David said...

It was a ton of fun until I slipped and hurt my back. It popped my back which is something I've needed, but today, I've had some bad pain! The best part is when I soaked the crowd with my cool splash! Sorry to those who got wet, but it was my way of including you in that very cold water! And I liked how Matt included his wife, Rebekah. Thanks Matt and Rebekah for the fun!

The Adams Family said...

Amy, I'm sorry someone told you that Cafe Rio is Mexican food. While I do enjoy eating there I would not include it on a Mexican menu. The best Mexican food around is Red Iguana on North Temple. It's famous the world over and always crowded but worth the wait. I even have CA friends request it when they come to visit so you know it has to be good. Be sure and try it and let me know what you think. I'm sure you will become a fan like everyone else I know.