Monday, August 16, 2010

Hiking Family Reunion July 2010

One of the activities that we did was go on a hike. I was concerned about going on a hike that might be too difficult. We did have 3 toddler's and a baby with us. The week before the reunion Me, Bekah, & Dave went out in search of a good hike. We went to several trails. At the first trail it was really steep. I said to Bekah "I think this is too hard. I don't think the little kids will be able to do it" The fact that I am so overweight and out of shape Rebekah and I agreed that I can represent the toddler's. If I felt I couldn't do it, then the little one's probably wouldn't be able to do it either. We had a good laugh about me not being able to do a lot of the trails.

George and Kate roughing it off the trail.

Rebekah told me that every time Nya goes hiking she say's "I hope I see a snake". Nya has been on a ton of hikes and has never seen a snake. Well on our hike there were two trails. One was easy and the other was a little harder. Dave took one group on the harder trail. As he was walking along the trail he all of the sudden jumped about a foot and yelled "SNAKE". At first he thought it was a rattlesnake, thankfully it wasn't. All of the kids were so excited. Nya finally got her wish, she saw a snake.
Me, Dave & Kate


Amy said...

It was more like ten feet in the air, lol.

David said...

No, it was only 4 feet!