Thursday, January 8, 2009

Have a Snack

Here's a quick diet tip from me: ALWAYS HAVE A SNACK HANDY

I think one of the biggest reason's people have a hard time with diet's is that they are hungry. They starve themselves trying to cut back on calories and fat and before you know it... the hunger pains take control and you give up and binge. To avoid this, I like to always have a snack available. My favorite snack is cashew's. They are high in protein, so a small handful will satisfy me for a while. My hardest time of the day is late afternoon. For some reason I find myself starving after lunch. I can eat breakfast at 6:00 a.m. and go until noon no problem. I feel no need to eat, I'm not hungry, and I probably wouldn't even think about eating except that is when my scheduled lunch is at work. But, if I eat the exact same thing for lunch that I had for breakfast, or even something different, it really doesn't matter, I am starving within two hours. It drives me crazy!! So by the time I take my 3:00 break, guess what is calling???? The break room and all the vending machines. Well, having a baggie full of yummy cashews at my desk that I can pop in my mouth when needed helps crave the hunger urge. Followed by a cold 32 ounces of water and I am set until dinner. I also like to carry around a baggie of cashews in my purse. Never know when you are going to be stuck in traffic, held up in school, stuck in a long line at the grocery store, or whatever. Of course it doesn't have to be cashew's, it can be any healthy snack that is right for you and the eating plan you are on. Nuts just happen to fit perfectly into my eating plan.

There are those out there that point their fingers and say not to snack, stick to your meals, and don't graze. I say graze all day, as long as it is the right type of food. Of course if you graze on a bag of chips all day you are going to gain weight, everything needs to be in moderation, but you get what I mean. Have a good day!


susette said...

If you have a Costco membership they have these cool big containers of snack size mini carrots. They are perfect to grab and go and you are getting some of your veggies in for the day. I disagree totally with whoever says to not snack. We are supposed to snack throughout the day to keep metabolism revved up. Good luck, Cashews sound wonderful!

Shayna said...

I agree with Susette... I was told that you are never suppose to be hungry. I eat 5 times a day... cashews are a great idea! I also take high fiber bars, carrots and yogurt!

Reuel and Ana said...

my vote for cashews i love them.

Amy said...

I do have a membership to Costco. I get the trail mix and nuts from there. Carrots, yogurt, and high fiber bars are all great idea's. Thanks!

andrea said...

Good job posting your blog. Keep it up. I love nuts too. The protien keeps me going.

Betsy said...

Hi Amy,

Doing a great job Mrs. Everyone has afternoon cravings according to my trainors. They suggest sugarless gum as it is proven to cut down on the craving for sweets and afternoon grazing. I believe snacking is okay by your criteria. Love to all.