Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It is so HOT

Oh my goodness it has been so hot in Salt Lake. Today it got up to 100 degrees. Too hot for my liking. So of course I decided to escape to the mountains. It was still hot up in the mountains, but there was a nice breeze so that helped. I asked Jethro if he wanted to go hiking with me tonight and he said he would. I was thrilled to have some company. We took Katya along for the adventure too.
Not only was it nice to have Jethro and Katya along for the company, but I finally had someone who could take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Of course the pictures just don't do the beauty of the mountains justice, but you get the point.

Katya was really good the first 2 miles of the hike, but on the way back she started getting really fussy. I think she was tired and it was getting pretty close to her bedtime. Once we got in the car she was just as happy as could be. Jethro enjoyed the hike and I hope to get him to join me on some more of my hikes.

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