Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

On Saturday night Dave and I babysat Katya and Cali. (See Jethro and Staci's post). We had a great time and the girls are so fun. They are both walking all over the place and they are so cute. It came time to put the girls to bed. They both went down just fine. Katya kept getting out of bed. Everytime she came out into the kitchen, which is about how far she got, I would tell her to get back in bed. She would go and climb back in bed. Seconds later she would be back out again. After about 15 times of telling her to get back in bed, I decided I would close the door so she couldn't escape. Dave and I were watching TV for about 15 minutes and I commented on how quiet the girls were. I figured they were sound asleep. I thought my closing the door had done the trick. I told Dave I was going to go check on the little angels. This is what I found when I opened the door.

Katya was also nice enough to share with Cali. I found in Cali's crib several mini bottles of baby shampoo and lotion as well as some other miscellaneous items. Of course as soon as I discovered all of this Jethro and Staci came home. They just laughed and Staci said "Welcome to my world"


andrea said...

Oh my! I am glad those days are over for me. I had experience after experience like that.

Reuel and Ana said...

little helping hands at home. how sweet.

Alison said...

That is too funny! Anytime Alex is quiet, I know he's into something.