Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Head Vs. Trunk

As if there wasn't enough excitement with Dave chopping off part of his thumb last week. Yesterday I got a concussion because I hit my head so hard against Dave's trunk! Here's the story:
I opened Dave's trunk yesterday morning to put some things in. I didn't quite lift it all the way up and once I finished loading the first batch of items I lifted my head and hit my forehead on the trunk. I hit it pretty hard and it was one of those things where I was like "Dang, I should have opened the trunk all the way". Did I fix it at that time? Of course not, I just left it. I went back in the house to get more things. I was walking really fast because I was in a hurry. The way the trunk was open it was like it was in a blind spot and not in my line of vision. Next thing I knew I rammed right into the open hood. I hit it so hard that I instantly felt like I was going to throw up. My eyes did the tunnel vision and then went completely black. I grabbed onto the side of the car and just repeated in my mind "Please do not pass out, Please do not pass out" Then my eyes cleared and I was able to see. This time when I could see there were little bright lights floating in my line of vision. I was really dizzy and still sick to my stomach. I walked into the house and told Dave I hit my head and he said "Do you know you are bleeding?" I said "No" I went and looked in the mirror and sure enough I was bleeding. That made me feel even worse. Interesting how your minds works on you like that. I laid down for about 1/2 hour with ice on my head. So my nose and forehead were starting to swell. I was worried that I may have broke my nose. We had to go get our marriage licence, so we decided to go ahead and go do that. I still felt dizzy and disoriented but it felt good to get out in the fresh air. After getting the marriage licence (yeah I'm so excited) Dave dropped me off at my roommate's apartment so Linda and I could go to work. I got more ice, but I was feeling really weird. Linda said she could see the swelling and a bruise forming on my nose. We were heading to work and I was laying down in the car. She used to be an EMT and I was describing some of my symptom's to her. By the time we got to work I was really confused, disorientated, had double vision, a bad headache, and I was slurring my words. Once I talked to my supervisor she sent me to the Nurse at work, who after checking me over decided to send me home. Her biggest concern was my double vision, which would mean a head injury. She said if I still had double vision in 6 hours or I vomited that I needed to go to the ER for a CAT Scan. I was not looking forward to another trip to the ER. Rebekah came and picked me up from work. I stayed with her for a while. Then Staci took me back to Draper to my apartment and Dave came over and stayed with me. The nurse was very specific that she didn't want me to be alone in case I needed to go to the ER. So I felt like a kid again having a babysitter. Anyway, the double vision went away. I just have a massive headache still and am really swollen this morning. I do have some bruising on my nose and some swelling on my forehead but you can't really tell from the picture.


The Silvas said...

Ohh my! Poor you and Dave, I hope you both feel better really soon!! Love ya!

Reuel and Ana said...

you two need to get married soon so you will not kill yourselves. well i do not have any home remedy for headache, but just be extra careful.

Shayna said...

You poor thing... man you guys need to watch it! Hehe! I really hope you feel better! I am excited for tomorrow... but probably not as excited as you are! Good luck see ya in the morning beautiful

Ana Cristina said...

Love sometimes requires everything from us; as Edith Piaf song says we may give our friends, family and even our own country - - But to offer part of a finger and even a nose, it is really original.
Love ya