Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Offical

On Saturday Dave proposed to me. It is funny that we already had a date set, told everyone we were getting married, were making wedding plans, and yet Dave still had not officially proposed to me yet. So on Saturday when we were hiking up Stewart Falls to have our engagement pictures taken Dave proposed. I was totally surprised. I knew he had purchased a ring, and I had suspected that he would probably propose to me on Saturday night or Sunday sometime. I didn't think he would propose on our hike and I thought it was perfect since we both love the mountains so much. So here is how Dave proposed

I was hiking ahead of Dave and Shayna by about 200 feet. I was with Cameron, Trent, Candace, and Blake (check out Shayna's blog for pics, the link is under my favorites). Dave yelled "Hey wait up". They all continued to hike, but I waited for Dave and Shayna. I of course gave Dave a big hug when he caught up. Then I turned around and proceeded to hike. I hear Dave say "Amy Jones" It took me a second to turn around. I thought in my mind that he was going to say something goofy since he used my first and last name. When I turned around he was down on one knee and had the ring in his finger. He had a big smile on his face and said "Amy will you marry me" I said "yes" then he put the ring on my finger.The ring is Titanium and has Gold lettering which says "Always and Forever". It has a heart with a little diamond in the middle of it.

It was perfect and his whole family knew he was going to do and he had it all worked out with them. So it was all planned for them to walk ahead and everything. I love Dave so much and I can't wait to marry him.


Reuel and Ana said...

congratulations. i am very happy for you two. may the Lord bless you both and you live happy every after.

susette said...

How cool!! That Dave sure is a sweety huh? We are lucky to have you joining this fun, goofy family. Can't wait to get to know you more through the holiday get togethers on the Fisher side. Good luck with all the wedding plans. Keep us posted.

Kirstin Schmidt said...


Sue said...

Congrats Amy! What a great proposal! I am so glad you are happy!