Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busy Shopping Day

Rebekah is going to be teaching a.m. Kindergarten this year. She invited me to go shopping with her to get supplies and decorations for the classroom. I jumped at the chance to go because I have secretly always wanted to be a teacher, especially for all the cute teaching aide's they have out there. I would probably end up spending my whole salary just on that stuff. Anyway we started out at IKEA. We were there for about a 1 1/2 hours and it was fun to look at all the cool stuff they have there.

After IKEA we hit the dollar store to look for some storage containers for books, pens, pencils, glue, scissors , and whatever else we might find that would be good for the classroom. We were successful, which doesn't always happen at a dollar store, but we were satisfied with what we found.
After the dollar store we hit TJ-Max (sorry no pic). I'm sure you are thinking "What would you find there for the classroom"? Well we were looking for a large tin can that Bekah could use to put all her pointer sticks in. We were successful in finding something that would work.

Next stop, Lakeshore Learning Store. Oh my, I was most excited about this. This store is a teachers dream (or maybe just my dream) and has all kinds of cute things. We had to find a lot of supplies here and I was in 7th heaven helping Bekah choose boarders, calenders, word strips, name strips for the desks, posters, pointers, die cuts, and a few other things that I can't remember right now :). It was great.We then headed to Staci's to pick up Nya. It was great to see Katya and Cali too. We still had another stop to make and Rebekah thought Nya would enjoy this next stop. We went to the D.I. (no pic) to pick out books for the classroom. The classroom already had books, but they were all from the 1950's. Bekah wanted some nicer, updated books. Nya was great in helping choose books that she thought the children would enjoy. Nya was a big help in also putting all the books in the cart. The great thing about the D.I. is that all the books that Bekah got were only 50 cents. I think she got like 150 books or so. Lets just say the bags were very heavy. Nya wanted to pick out a toy, so I took her down the toy isle and she litterly looked at a ton of toys, wanting to make her decision very carefully. She could only choose one thing and she wanted that one thing to be extra special. She picked out a Dora doll that was totally dirty and it looked like some kid decided to chop the hair. Bekah and I were both like "Are you sure that is what you want"? Certainly there were several other toys that were in much better condition, but cute Nya wouldn't budge. When Nya got in the car she wanted to make sure Dora was safe so she buckled her in! Nya is too funny!By this time I was exhausted from our day of shopping! I have one of those great summer colds so I wasn't feeling to good. Rebekah still had a few more places that she wanted to go and I decided to go home. It was a great day and I enjoyed getting to spend some time with Rebekah.

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Rebekah said...

Lakeshore really is a teacher's dream and we did not even look at the whole store!!!! I could spend hours there! Of course Nya chose the nastiest looking toy at D.I. But she has seen that Dora doll in the store and they are always more than I am willing to spend for a toy that will most likely soon be forgotten. She has taken good care of it this past weekend.