Monday, August 31, 2009

Over the Mountain and through the Woods

Thursday night Dave and I drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon over to Park City. The drive up the Canyon was beautiful. I love how the river is right next to the road and you can see it all the way up the mountain. The higher up we got the road became very steep and wound around and around. We reached the top of the mountain and the view was beautiful.We then proceeded down a very steep dirt road. The speed limit was 15 mph, just to give you an idea of how steep it was. After several miles we reached a paved road again. It was still very steep and we went right through Deer Valley. I had never been to Deer Valley, but their were lots of huge houses and the ski resorts were very nice. We ended up in Park City and got something to eat. From the restaurant we had a great view of the 2002 Winter Olympic Park and could see the ski jumps.

We went home through Heber and down Provo Canyon. It was a beautiful drive.

Oh yeah, and before we went over the mountain we stopped at the Temple Quarry. This is a picture of Dave in a dry river bed checking out all the white rocks. I love this picture because of the ray of sunshine coming down.

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David said...

I'm angelic! Sweet!! It was a ton of fun. I love exploring and seeing how they quarried the stone was cool!!