Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time to Decorate

Friday Rebekah, Nya, and I went to the classroom to start decorating. One thing Rebekah wanted to be sure was that she got lots of bright, fun, and interesting colors for the children. The room was so bland, it really needed some help!

Here are some of the supplies that we got on Thursday.

Nya was in charge of decorating Rebekah's Desk. She did a mighty fine job!

Rebekah and I got started on placing the butcher paper and boarders. We thought all the bright colors and polka dot theme turned out great!

And of course tons of laminating all the dye cuts!

Of course after all the laminating comes cutting them out! That will be quite the task. Also on Monday we need to finish decorating the boards with all the cool stuff Bekah got. Again I was exhausted from my summer cold. Plus I am still recovering from the treatments that I had during the month of July, so I get tired really easily and can only do so much.


David said...

Didnt you get any colors that the boys would like? It looks great!

The Lingo Family said...

Looks so bright and FUN!!!!! You HAVE to post a picture when it is all done.

Rebekah said...

Boys like orange, blue, yellow, black, red...
Thanks for your help Amy!!