Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday Dave and I went for a hike. The night before he said "Let's get up at 7:00 and go hiking". Well we got up at 7:00, but didn't end up leaving until 9:00. I don't know why it took us 2 hours to get going. Anyway, it was a very easy hike. With my health I am still not up to doing anything too major. We went on a trail up Little Cottonwood Canyon. I remember taking my niece Nya up it last summer and she was only 3 at the time. She did the hike so I remember it being pretty easy. Anyway, Dave is just like a kid. The entire hike he kept stopping to check out rocks and the river.

Of course he saw this huge rock and had to climb it.

Something that I thought was cool were these bright orange berries that were high up in the trees. I have never seen them before, and believe me I have done a lot of hiking. (Last summer) It is always fun to discover new things out in nature.

At one point he even went in the river (which was freezing cold) to get some rocks and to pan for gold. He found a few flecks of gold. Too bad he didn't find a huge nugget, we would be rich :)

I started feeling really nauseous on the hike (probably because I was over doing it, even though it was easy) So I pretty much came home and had to spend the rest of the day in bed. I felt o.k. when I was laying down, but as soon as I got up the nausea was definitly in full force. Regardless, we had a great time out in nature. It is the first hike I have done since May so I was loving being in the mountains again. Enjoying the sounds of birds, squirels, lizards scurrying off the path, the river raging the mountain, and of course spending time with the love of my life, DAVE!


Rebekah said...

And we went on that hard hike up Bell Canyon that was really steep. That was fun. Nya and I both fell on our butts!!

David said...

We'll have to do it again and next time I'll take my panning pan. I know, you could let me come on girls night out and I'll pan in that one special spot while the girls hike!! Uhuh Uhuh, you won't even know that I'm there :)