Monday, September 22, 2008

Brothers & Sisters

George and Amy

Mom & Gideon

Amy & Mom

Andrea and Jason


Andrea and Amy

Matt, Rebekah, and Nya

George and Amy

Staci, Jethro, Cali, and Katya

Gideon and Amy

It was so nice to have all of my brothers and siters there. It was also great to see my sister in law Amy, and my brother in law's Matt and Jason. I am so excited to have Becky in our family.


Reuel and Ana said...

such nice pitures you all look so happy. i love you all.

Kirstin Schmidt said...

Such a cute family!!! I love all of you so very much!! Did I mention I did not recieve a invitation from Mr. Gideon Daniel Jones. I am very upset. I still love you guys but, that is uncalled for :0. J/K love you and you look great and happy!!!