Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things I Love About Dave

Okay, so anyone who reads my blog is going to have to be prepared to read a lot about Dave. He is all that is on my mind. I am so in love with him that I thought I would share with you what I love about him. This is in no particular order, just things that come to mind.

1. Personality
2. His ability to make me laugh
3. His eyes
4. His Testimony
5. The random questions he always asks me
6. The way he holds me in his arms - It's perfect - anyone who knows me knows I am very affectionate and I need this in my life.
7. His kindness - He will do anything for me
8. He is a hard worker
9. Very loyal
10. He loves his family
11. He is devoted
12. He loves me :)
13. He treats me like a Queen
14. He understands me
15. Patient
16. Talented - you should see what he can do with Granite. I will take some pictures and post them soon.
17. Sincere
18. He knows how to calm me down when I am stressed. This is a very good thing :)
19. He is a great conversationalist, we can talk for hours
20. We have a great relationship with open communication
21. He respects me
22. Drives the speed limit
23. Cares about others
24. Has opinions and isn't afraid to voice them
25. Enjoys hiking
26. Loves sharks (Just like me, they are my favorite animal)
27. Wants to have children
28. Enjoys the outdoors
29. Intelligent - has all kind of trivia floating around in his brain. I love it when he shares things with me. Then I get to learn about stuff too! :) He is a walking encyclopedia.
30. Wants to make me happy
31. Knows the importance of the Temple
32. Respects and honors his mother. Good sign of how he will treat me as a wife.
33. Accepting of my weaknesses and wants to help me make them my strengths
34. Introduced me to Gelato (not sure how to spell it. Italian ice cream. Yummy)
35. Grills a great steak
36. Is great with kids
37. He has great jokes
38. Calls me everyday and leaves me messages and always lets me know how much he loves. It gives me warm fuzzies.
39. He is seriously the best man on this planet. I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since Dave is 39, I figured I would write 39 things that I love about him. I love you Dave.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hot Stuff,
Wow! I totally agree with the 1st one oh! and the 2nd one Oooo, and the 3rd one! Ok, all of them and yes you spelled Gelato correctly ;)
Thank You and I love you,

Kirstin Schmidt said...

WOW!!! Amy!!! That is amazing!! I am so happy for you!! You deserve it!!! I want details!!! Call me soon!!! Let's do lunch!!!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness. You're very good. I love that whole list. And it's all true. I'm excited to have you in the family. I have been praying for someone like you to come along. I'm glad you came along. Welcome to my family. Now I can rest or whatever cuz all my kids are matched up and quite perfectly I might add. And I have great grandkiddies. So you'll have to add some to the group. Can't wait. Love, Jenny (Dave's mom if y'all couldn't tell)