Monday, September 22, 2008

My little angles

My little angels
Sarah, Kate, Juliette, Nya, Katya, and Cali

Kate and Juliette

Kate, Sarah, Juliette, and Nya

The little angels arriving at the Temple

Goofy Picture with Uncle Nathan

Walking around the Temple grounds while Nathan and I babysat. Kate was taking care of Juliette. Nya was taking care of Katya. Nathan and I didn't have to do much.

Me with all 6 of the cuties. Cali, Sarah, Kate, Katya, Juliette, and Nya. I wish that Emma, Anna, and Lily could have been there.


Reuel and Ana said...

wow what cute pictures of the girls. they look so good in their matching dresses. yes it is too bad lilly, anna and emma were not there.

Kirstin Schmidt said...

That is too bad that Emma, Anna and Lily weren't there, Why didn't they come? Love the dresses. Who picked them out? They are all adorable and you too!!!