Monday, March 19, 2007

Adventures In Babysitting

On Friday night I got to babysit 5 adorable kids. Really I was only responsible for 4 of the kids, but there were 5 kids here. George and Amy went to the temple with the Young Men's presidency, so I also watched 2 boys from one of the other members of the presidency. My co-worker Kim was babysitting one of my other co-workers daughter so I invited them over. We had a great time. I ordered pizza for dinner. It was a big hit especially since I let all the kids have soda to drink.
Of course dinner isn't complete without at least one spilt drink. Thankfully Kim was right there to help clean Kate up.After dinner I took all the kids in the Spa. I had them all sit down on the couch so I could explain the rules of the spa. They were so excited to get going...

We all got in the spa and it was a lot of fun and a lot of splashing!!

We played in the spa for a little while and then it was time for the next activity. Decoration egg shaped cupcakes. This was quite a messy activity, but it was a blast. I bought a plastic tablecloth and placemats for each kid. This made clean-up a cinch.

Each child got 4 Easter eggs to decorate.

Sam - age 3

Matthew - age 6. A quick story about Matthew and Sarah. A few months ago I was substituting their primary class and all the other kids told me that Mathew and Sarah were engaged. I asked Sarah and Matthew if this was true and they said "yes"! They both giggled. I asked them what it meant to be engaged. Matthew said "It means we are in love". So when we were in the Spa on Friday night I asked if they were still engaged and Matthew said "No, Sarah has several other boyfriends now". Funny!!

Ciana - age 8


The kids all spent just as much time snacking on the frosting and candy as they did decorating,

The finished product... Yummy!

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