Sunday, March 11, 2007

Eye Of The Tiger

Last night I set a new record for my walk/run. I did my 4 mile route in 40 minutes. My previous record was 43 minutes. I was stoked and sweating like a pig. I ran about as much as I walked and it felt great. I usually go with George, Amy, and the girls, but last night they were gone and I wasn't going to miss my workout so I went by myself. I don't really mind going walking by myself. It's not like I am one of those people that can't be alone. In fact, I do enjoy the "rare" times I do have completely to myself. My problem with going on my walks by myself is that I usually find myself "strolling" instead of keeping up a fast pace. In fact, I often find myself deep in thought "daydreaming". When I go with George he really keeps us moving so that is nice. I think what really helped me last night was listening to music. I borrowed Nathan's I-Pod and he has nearly 1000 songs on it. I just selected the shuffle play list. I like almost all kinds of music, except country so I didn't really care what I listened to. I don't think Nathan is a big country fan so I didn't have to worry about that. Anyway, as I started walking a really good song came on. I don't even remember what is was, but it was one of those songs you know you are destined to work out hard to. So I started jogging. I just kept going and going and going. I finally slowed to a walk and was amazed at how far I had gone. I can't really tell you how far I ran, but it was further than I have ever been able to go before. I was really feeling good. More and more great motivating songs came on and I just kept running. I knew I was making some good time. I was on the last leg of my route and figured I would just walk the rest of the way to "cool down". Then the best song for working out came on. It was "Eye of The Tiger". I mean who does not love this song? How could I just "walk" when this song came on. I ran the rest of the way home. I was even wearing a gray sweatshirt like "Rocky". It was awesome....

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Reuel said...

Dear Amy
way to go i am so proud of you and all your hard work.