Tuesday, March 6, 2007


We moved into our new house a few days before Christmas. Crazy time to move I know, but it was good for me because I was very busy packing and moving and not thinking about all the yummy food I was missing out on due to my diet. Anyway, the house we moved into has a really nice spa in the backyard. We were all really excited about this, however it took 3 months for us to get around to using it. George has made a few attempts, but there the spa had to be cleaned out, filled, the right chemicals added ect, ect, ect. So this past weekend George made it his mission to get it ready. He did all the prep work and even went to Target to get some lights to hang on the Gazebo. Thankfully George is a great Handyman! Amy and I sure as heck were not going to climb on top of the Spa to hang these lights. Plus, George loves doing this kind of stuff. I know he was really excited to get out his electric drill and away he went....

Still working hard.....
Kate wants to help too, even though she is already in her pajama's.
Sarah and Kate modeling with the lights. This is their idea of helping.
Another picture of Sarah posing with the lights.

I finished taking these pictures and then went back inside. It was about 9:30 p.m. and Sarah came running inside. She was really excited and said "Auntie, we have to go to your favorite store right away!" I said "What is my favorite store?" I thought she was talking about Macy's and I knew it was closed. She said "Auntie, your favorite store is Target! We have to go get more lights to put up around the spa". So I of course said "Yes, I will go to Target". Sarah said she had to go with me so she could show me which lights to get. I figured she wanted to go because it was 9:30 at night and it was an excuse not to go to bed. Plus whenever the girls go with me to Target I always buy them something, so they are anxious to go at anytime. I went outside and talked to George and he said that he just made a comment to Amy such as "Shoot, I don't quite have enough lights" Then Sarah piped up and said "I know Auntie will go to Target, that is her favorite store". Before George could say anything Sarah was inside the house telling me we had to go to Target. It was cute... We went to Target, got the lights and were home 15 minutes later. With a bag of M&M's for Sarah and Kate to share of course. Then at 10:03 Sarah ran into my room and said "Auntie, we have to go back to Target. We still don't have enough lights". I said "Bummer, it closed at 10:00" and Sarah knows I would rather die than step foot in a Walmart :) Plus, the lights were the special "Target Home" brand, so we had to wait until Monday to get some more. Monday finally came and after a little more "Spa" drama it was up and running and ready for everyone to jump in. Only problem.... I didn't have a bathing suit that fit! Since I have lost all my weight my bathing suit I wore last summer is way too big. So I decided not to soak in the Spa. I don't even really want to go bathing suit shopping because it is the beginning of the season and nothing will be on sale. I don't want to pay full price for a bathing suit that I hope by summer will be too big! So I may break down and try and find one, but I may hold out. Who knows. I can tell you one thing... You won't be seeing any pictures of me in a bathing suit for a while. Still have 50 more pounds to go before I break out in a pose with a bathing suit on. But I can guarantee you this, when I do lose my next 50 pounds, I will be proud to pose in a bathing suit. Enough of that tangent... I just love this picture of Amy and the girls.

George got in on this picture. What a good looking family!

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andrea said...

Cute, Cute family picture. That would make a cute christmas card.