Friday, March 30, 2007

Blogging Withdrawals

It has been way too long since I have posted anything. I certainly have tried, but it hasn't been working for me. I am in Salt Lake City and I am staying at my sister Rebekah's house. For some reason her wireless Internet isn't working. So I downloaded a bunch of pictures on my laptop, but I can't post them because I can't get on-line. I then tried downloading them to her computer but that isn't working either. So you may have to wait until I get back home to see all the pictures. I brought Sarah with me and she is having a blast with all her cousins. Today we all went to the Hogle Zoo. It brought back so many memories of my childhood. I remember going to the Hogle Zoo all the time with my cousins. We all had a great time. I hope to post more later and maybe by then I will figure out all these computer problems and get some pictures posted.

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Reuel said...

Aw!! the hogle zoo, the memories. Is Andrea coming to Utah? sounds like fun with Sarah.