Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hogle Zoo (Day 3 - 3/30)

A fond childhood memory of mine was going to the Hogle Zoo. Many times we went with my Aunt Dawn's family. It was a lot of fun. I figured since so many of my nieces and nephews were together I could create a fun memory for them. I suggested that we all go to the Hogle Zoo. It was pretty cold and I was freezing the entire time. Very unusual for me, but I guess since I have lost so much weight I didn't have my usual "blubber" to keep me warm.
There were quite a few things that had been updated since the last time I was there about 20 years ago. Although the place where they have a little tropical rain forest inside is just the same. It seemed so much smaller than I remembered it, but that is probably because I was a lot smaller myself. The biggest highlight at the zoo was Jack and the peacock. He kept yelling "Peacock" in this high shrill and each time he did the peacock spread its feathers. It was great.

Another big hit was this sculpture of an elephant. When you got close to its trunk it would blow air and make all kinds of sounds. The kids had so much fun getting it to make these crazy sounds and blow air. The first time it happened it scared Lily half to death. But, in no time at all everyone was laughing. I don't know if this picture will enlarge or not when you click on it. But if you can see Lily's face it is so funny. She looks so terrified because she wasn't expecting the elephant to make a noise.

One of my favorite pictures of Katya. This was inside the Giraffe house. She was as happy as could be.It was nearly impossible to get a picture of all the kids together. This is the best I could do!

Andrea loves this picture because she thinks she and Jason look like Brangelina. It is does kind of look like it could be them.

I have never seen a sign like this before. I didn't know that Tigers could SPRAY! I know to be aware of the Gorilla's, but who knew you had to watch out for Tigers too!

Staci, Katya, and Nya posing on Tigers.

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Reuel and Ana said...

Oh Hoogle Zoo. I remember it well. You all look like you had a good time. love