Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Can't Wait!

I am going down to San Diego for the weekend and I can't wait. A few posts ago I wrote about how there are two cities I love. San Diego and Salt Lake. I was just in Salt Lake a few weeks ago and now I get to go to San Diego. I leave Thursday night and come back Sunday night. I am flying so I hope my flight doesn't get delayed on the way there. I am too excited and I would die if I had to wait a minute longer than necessary to arrive. I am going to attend a single adult conference in Huntington Beach too. It is for ages 27-40 so that is right in my age group. I am going with my friend Jamie. I am really excited to see her and hang out. These past two days have been busy for me. I have been working like crazy. I worked a little over 12 hours today. Tomorrow will be the same! I can't wait for my mini vacation this weekend.

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