Sunday, February 4, 2007

43 Minutes & 43 Pounds

WISH ME LUCK! In honor of my goal that I want to lose a total of 43 pounds (8 pounds since my last weigh in on 1/24) by my weigh in on Wednesday, I decided I would do my walk/run in 43 minutes. The previous record I set was 45 minutes and I was thrilled with that. Tonight I went by myself. Everyone was gone watching the Superbowl at Amy's parents and I figured I should just go ahead on my own because they would most likely get home late. Since I have my goal in sight, I can't slack off even one day on my exercises. So, I got moving and boy was I moving. I was walking as fast as I could and jogged quite a bit. I just stayed focused, kept an eye on the time and had to sprint at the very end to make it in 43 minutes! It felt great!! I amazed myself. I can't believe how far I can run now. I don't want you to think that I am running a mile at a time, because I am so far away from that, but I am making progress each time I go.

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