Thursday, May 3, 2007

An Answer To My Prayer

I could write a 15 page long post today. In fact I did write a really long post and then decided to delete it. I have to remember that anyone can read my blog and some things are too personal to share. I know there are those of you that are thinking "Well you state how much you weigh on a regular basis what else could be more personal?" :) :) :) Anyway, today I know that Heavenly Father answered my prayers. I was just having a really tough day on many aspects. I prayed for many things and mostly I just wanted my day to improve. Well it turned out to be a really great day! I wore this beautiful red blouse that my friend Jamie from San Diego let me borrow.
Just about every customer that came into the store today commented on what a beautiful blouse I had on and how nice I looked. Nothing like people giving you compliments to really brighten your day. Especially complete strangers! Men and Women, Young and Old were giving me compliments. When I got home I told Gideon he needed to take a picture of me in this blouse so I could post it on my blog. I figured I really must be looking "smokin hot" After he took the picture and I uploaded it to my computer I realized that it wasn't that I was so "smokin hot", but that today's experience was a blessing from Heavenly Father. He knew that I really needed a lift. All those people that complimented me had an impact. I didn't recognize it right away, in fact I almost got a big head thinking I looked so great today. While I think I looked nice, I have to give credit to Heavenly Father for prompting those people to say just the right thing to me. Prayer really does work!


Reuel and Ana said...

Dear Amy
You have it right. Your grandmother Jones taught me a very important lesson. She would always say the God helped her find some 25 cent item at a garage sale. I in turn would tell her that He did not care about the 25 cent item. then I realized what she was saying. She was giving praise to God for all things. DC 59 says that in nothing does man offend God in that he does not acknowlege Gods hand in all things. verse 21. I am glad that mother taught me these things, and I am more glad that I was able to tell her that I was wrong about it.

andrea said...

Good one Amy. Talk about some major insight. And you did look cute in the blouse.

Kelly A. said...

I hate to take away anything from the warm fuzzy feeling you got from the Spirit today, but you do look cute in the blouse, your customers weren't wrong or just inspired to say something.

Your blog is a lot of fun, I am infused with energy everytime I stop by. Keep it up!

Rebekah said...

Oh. Good connection. By the way, the blouse does look good on you.