Wednesday, May 2, 2007

San Diego

I flew down to San Diego last Thursday night. My friend Jamie picked me up from the airport and we went back to her place. We had a great weekend. We spent some time up in Hunington Beach at the singles conference. Friday morning I was able to go to the temple with Jamie and Tom. I love the San Diego Temple. It is my favorite temple and I felt like I was at home when I was in there. It was great and something that I really needed. I forgot to grab my camera from Jamie's so I didn't have it with me. I was really bummed because I really wanted a picture of the temple. After we dropped off Tom we went to lunch and then ran a bunch of errands. We then went back to Jamie's and got ready to head up to Huntington Beach for the singles conference. Here is a picture that we took before we left for the dance Friday night.

On Saturday we checked into our hotel and met up with Jamie's friend Jared. We were planing on going to Newport Beach to ride beach cruisers. The only problem was that we lost track of time and got there too late so we ended up hanging out ourselves and walking around. We walked the pier, but it was pretty cold and overcast. At least Jared got this picture of us together.

That night we went to another one of the activities. It was a concert. This is a picture of me, Jamie, and Mel as we were getting ready to leave for the concert.

Sunday, Jamie and I decided to go back down to San Diego and go to the Pacific Beach Singles Ward. Then we went to Coronado for the rest of the day. That is when we really had a good time. We walked from the Hotel Del to the Ferry. We took the Ferry across to San Diego and then back. Then we walked back to the Hotel Del. It was good to get some exercise in and just hang out with Jamie. Just like the good old days! Unfortunately I was not very good at taking pictures on this trip so I don't even have any of us in Coronado :(. Oh well, I guess I will just have to plan another trip down there so I can get some pictures. Sounds like a good enough excuse for me.


Reuel and Ana said...

I am glad you had a good time.

Rebekah said...

You and Jamie look great!! I am glad you had a good time. Jamie with a little blonde, it looks good.