Saturday, May 5, 2007

Slumber Party Cont....


Last night I picked up the girls as soon as I got off of work. They were so anxious to come over it was really cute. As soon as I rang the doorbell they were off and running to my car. They didn't even want to take the time to say goodbye to Amy. But of course they did. We went to Target so they could pick out a little treat to eat while watching Nanny McPhee. I gave each of them $1 so they could buy the candy themselves. Of course they picked out something that was more than $1. As Mom would say "you should teach them about sticking to a budget". But, I can't even stick to a budget so what the heck, I gave them both another dollar. When we were in line they were so excited to be able to pay for the candy themselves. Sarah was shoving her money at the cashier before she even had a chance to ring up the candy. It was cute. Kate was so hyper and was chatting up with a storm with anyone that gave her eye contact. The cashier rang them up separately and even gave them a small bag for their candy. Kate called it a "Mini-bag" and said "Sarah, it is like we are Mommies". It was so cute. We hurried to the car and went home. Here is a picture of the girls with their "Mini Target Bags".

As usual the girls wanted to pull out the hide-a-bed and so we got that all set up so they could watch Nanny McPhee.

At one part of the movie Kate thought it was scary so she was covering her ears, however she still managed to keep her eyes glued to the TV.

When it was time for them to get their pajama's on, Kate didn't want to put her top on. I told her that she had to wear her pajama top. She said "But Auntie, I think I have a fever and I am too hot to wear it". I felt her and she felt fine. So I said "Well if you are sick then I guess you can't go to the Primary Party tomorrow" then she said "Well I am not REALLY sick, it is just that my Uterus hurts" I had to run in the other room and laugh. I called George immediately. It was so funny. With Amy being pregnant the girls ask all kinds of questions and Amy gives them the answer. She doesn't sugar coat anything. I remember a book that was on the bookshelf growing up. It was a book about having babies. It showed everything and I mean everything. It even had these cool pictures of the different stages of pregnancy and the baby at each stage. I always found it fascinating how the baby would chance from month to month. Anyway, at some point we came across a box of books from my Mom. I am not sure how we came upon them, if she shipped them or my Dad had them or what. Anyway, there were a bunch of the DK books in there and Amy was going through picking out which one's she wanted. She came across that Pregnancy book and wanted to keep it. So when she became pregnant she sat the girls down and went through it with them. So, maybe that is where Kate remembers Uterus from, I don't know. All I know is I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I mean I was crying I was laughing so hard. I wish you could have all been there. Just the way Kate said it and everything was classic.

Of course I woke up way earlier than I wanted to this morning. I woke up because I heard Kate yelling "Sarah wake up" over and over again. I looked at the clock and it was 6:00. I know George has a tough time getting those girls up when they have to get to school. But of course on the weekends when you want them to sleep in, they never day. This morning was no exception. I went out and snuggled with the girls for a while and put on the movie "Wallace and Gromit and the curse of the WereRabbit". I went back in my room around 7:30 and I thought I heard knocking at the door. I couldn't imagine who it was. I looked through the peephole and was relieved to see it was George. The girls screamed with joy. They were super excited to see him. He only stayed for a few minutes because he had to head out to Concord, but it was good to see him. We then had breakfast and the girls played out on the balcony while I cleaned my apartment. We were almost ready to head out for the day, but I still had to fix Sarah's hair. Sarah and I went back in my bathroom and did her hair. When we came out we found Kate in the kitchen. We had breakfast about an hour earlier, but I guess she was still hungry. I found her making her own peanut butter sandwich. She got the peanut butter, bread, and a knife all by herself! Little Cutie!!!

Our first adventure out was to Costco. I drink a ton of water and I always buy my water at Costco. You can't beat the price. The girls love to go to Costco and we got there around 10:00. It wasn't crowded at all. I go out of my way to go to the Costco in Citrus Heights because it doesn't get nearly as crowded as the one in Roseville. Plus the lame Costco in Roseville does not carry the larger water bottles. They only carry the small ones, I guess the Roseville population can't handle drinking out of large water bottles.... I don't know. Anyway, I got three cases. I keep 2 in my trunk and one I have in my apartment. However, I still haven't carried it up because it gets awfully heavy after 3 flights of stairs. I usually wait until I have taken a few bottles out and then I carry it up. So Kate really wanted to sit on the water bottles in the cart. I couldn't believe it. I usually have to bribe her to sit in the cart, but since she was willing I said "no problem". She really liked being up high.

Of course we got hot dogs, soda, and I got my usual chicken Cesar salad. I also got one for Gideon and we went to Judi's and dropped it off for his lunch. After that we went to Macy's to kill some time before I had to take the girls to the church for the Cinco De Mayo primary party. I dropped them off and went and got a pedicure. I usually get a french manicure on my toes, but they charge an extra $5 and since I am trying to cut back on "extra" things and actually stick to a budget I decided to go with a color. I chose a bright red and it looks really good on my tan feet. Now, I am sure Andrea is reading this and saying "Amy if you really want to cut back on things you shouldn't get a pedicure". But, a pedicure is a necessity for me because I wear sandals year round. Since I am often on my feet 10-12 hours a day and I walk 20 miles a week my feet get really bad callouses. So, I have to get a pedicure every 2-3 weeks. Anyway, me working on a budget is an entire different post....

After I picked up the girls from the party I was in dire need of a protein shake. So we came home and I had a shake and felt much better. I was really tired from my long week and I was still recovering from my lack of sleep while I was in San Diego. I made a deal with the girls that if they would watch a movie and let me rest for a little while then we could walk to the park. They were so excited, however I didn't get to rest. Kate kept jumping on me and getting into the fridge and cupboards. Then she kept playing with these marbles that I have in bowls as decorations. I don't care if the girls play with them, but when I am trying to rest I just kept hearing the clank, clank, clank. It was really annoying. Finally I gave up and we left for our walk to the park. We first wanted to go and see if we could see the family of Beavers that live by my apartment complex. I don't know if I have ever mentioned it, but my complex is right by a natural preserve. One night the girls and I were walking and we walked across the bridge and I saw something moving in the water. At first I thought it was a huge rat. Then it got out of the water and we soon discovered it was a Beaver. I had no idea that Beavers were even in Northern California, except in the zoo. Anyway, we also saw an otter. A couple was also walking buy and asked what we were looking at. When we told them they said that there was a family of five that lived there. Well we haven't seen them since, so I am thrilled that we ever saw them at all. Here is a picture of the girls on the bridge.

This picture is of the girls looking for the Beaver. Well actually, at this exact moment they were looking at the camera because I made them. We walked on a little further and saw some wild Geese. As soon as we started walking towards them they started squawking like crazy and flew away.

We cut through this field to the other side of this pond to see if maybe the Beavers were over there. They weren't :(

We did however see some ducks and geese on the pond.
OOOOPS! Guess the girls didn't wear the best shoes for cutting through a field. They got all kinds of leaves and stuff in their shoes. Then we cut through this huge parking lot on our way to the park. There was a nice little pond by one of the office buildings so I had the girls strike a pose. Kate was getting annoyed because the sun was too bright for her.

We continued onto the park and Kate started complaining that it was too far and she wanted to go back to my apartment. I told her it would take longer to walk back to my apartment. So Sarah and I each took one of her hands and pulled her the rest of the way. She made it! But first I made the girls pose for yet another picture! I am going to be the most annoying Mom! Always making my kids pose for pictures!! These flowers were so pretty that I thought it would be the perfect background for pictures. The girls were not really cooperating. They just wanted to go play at the park! So I should say I tried to get a picture of the girls.

Finally the girls got to have fun at the park.

Amy called me and said that she was at the store and was going to get a Rotisserie Chicken or as we call it a "Juicy Chicken". I told her we were at the park and we would start walking to her house. By the time we arrived at the house the girls had walked a total of 1 mile. Kate was so tired, she just laid down on the couch. We had dinner and then started watching "Night at the Museum". Amy made some chocolate chip cookies and they smelled so good that I had one! Sarah gave me the look of death because she knows it isn't on my diet. I told her it was o.k. and she said "No it isn't". I ate it anyway! Then I was so mad at myself that I told Amy I was going home and I was going to walk because I had to walk off the cookie I ate. Well, I more like strolled home because I wasn't wearing the best of shoes and started getting blisters. So it took my 1/2 hour to walk a mile. Certainly not the fastest I have ever walked. I would have taken off my sandals, but since I just got a pedicure I didn't want to ruin my feet. So I just suffered through the pain. Not that blisters look any better, but at least I can but a band aid on it. So that brings me to this dang long post I am making!!!! Geez sometimes I just can go on and on and on and on.


Amy said...

Gosh, Hunzy, it was just one little cookie. The problem would be if you ate 5 or 6, like Sarah and Kate did. :) You look great and you stick to your diet faithfully. One trick I used when I was trying to lose pregnancy weight (and no, I was never as faithful as you are on a diet) was to choose one day a week to have the "off limits" things like cookies, etc. Just FYI. Anyway, great pics of the girls- I know they always have a great time with Auntie!!

Reuel and Ana said...

What a great time and great pictures.

George said...

You are the best Auntie, ever! The girls are so lucky to have you close by. I love all the pictures. The ones toward the end, you can really see them getting anxious!

Rebekah said...

You are such a great auntie. Kate and Sarah are so lucky that you love to spend so much time with them. They are so adorable. Kate is looking so much bigger and older!

Amber said...

It sounds like you had a very fun but long weekend...also, just wanted to know if you were willing to adopt a niece and a few nephews!