Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I just love Nya to death. She is such a cutie, but she will not give me the time of day. She is 2 1/2 years old, such a fun age. She likes to cling onto Rebekah, which drives Rebekah crazy. I am sure she will warm up to me eventually, but since I am impatient it seems like it is taking an eternity. I miss Sarah and Kate so much, so the sooner Nya will pay attention to me the better :)

I did however get this "lucky" picture of us together.
Of course she loves her Uncle Jethro, I mean what kid doesn't love Uncle Jethro

She likes to tease him

Nya has changed so much since I saw her last about 2 months ago. She is so talkative and intelligent. She is very particular about the way things are around the house. She doesn't like her room to be a mess or anything to be on the floor. She has to have a napkin when she eats and has to have her cup filled all the way to the top. If you don't feel it to the top she won't drink out of it. She also is very independent and likes to do everything herself. Except go to the potty. She always wants her Mommy to take her. It is tiring for Rebekah, but better than her having an accident. Nya also loves to run. We have gone on several walks around the block and she runs, runs, runs. She also loves to jump off of things. Here is a picture of her climbing on a rock and getting ready to "Jump"

She also loves to walk Daisy. It is funny because Nya doesn't understand that if she just pulls back on the leash that Daisy will stop. It is a hoot to watch Nya walk Daisy because she just runs and lets Daisy pull her. It is really funny.
I know as Nya gets used to me she will warm up and then will come the big challenge of having her spend the night. :) I know Rebekah is excited about that. I don't think I will become Nya's favorite "auntie" because I have stiff competition from Staci. In fact Rebekah said that Staci is about the only one that Nya doesn't give a hard time to. But that is o.k. because I love Staci to death and she is awesome. Katya and Staci get home from Oklahoma today and I can not wait to my hands on my little Katya!!!! That is when I am really going to be in 7th Heaven.


Staci said...

I am so totally bummed that you won't get to see Katya today. It makes me sad too.....

Rebekah said...

Nya does love you though, she always blesses "auntie" in her prayers.