Monday, May 28, 2007

Going Away Party (Family)

On Wednesday I had a going away party. We had it at George and Amy's house. Sandra, Todd, Tyler (Amy's nephew) and Lena all came and so did Nathan. Gideon had school so he wasn't able to make it. Once again I didn't even get a picture with him. Heather and Ciana also came. I made chicken enchilada's for dinner.
I am going to miss Sandra, Todd, and Lena. They are such great people and I really love them.

I will miss everyone so much.

I am going to miss my brothers!

I am going to miss Amy too! We always had so much fun together. I've got to convince them to move to Utah!! Notice how Sarah is peeking in between our legs. So cute!

Of course I am going to miss Kate - Don't you want to just reach in and give her a big hug!! She is so dang cute!

I am going to miss my little ballerina Sarah too.

I had the girls spend the night for one final time on Wednesday. We went to go and pick up Rebekah and Nya from the airport on Thursday morning. For breakfast I took the girls to Jamba Juice.

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