Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Only 35 More Pounds To Go!

Today I had my weigh in appointment. I didn't even plan on weighing in today, but I was almost out of protein shakes and I stopped by Dr. Hendricks to purchase some. I am supposed to see him every other week, but I just have been so busy and it has been hard for me to find time in my schedule. Anyway, when I went in they told me I was due for my appointment. Gina asked me how come I wasn't coming in with George. I said "our schedules are too different right now". Then she told me that George had an appointment in 1/2hr and they could work me in. I figured "Why Not?" I called work and asked Heather to cover for me since I was supposed to be there at Noon. Heather said "Yes" of course. She is so great! Anyway, I weighed in and I have lost another 3.5 pounds which brings my total weight loss to 65 pounds! Woo Hoo!! It is exciting. It feels good to finally be below 200 pounds! I really have to continue to stay focused. My biggest challenge is the amount of stress I am under with work. It makes it really hard for me not to turn to food when I am stressed. I have made it this far and I am going to make it to my goal. That is what I have to focus on and keep that in my mind constantly. One other thing that they said is that I really need to increase my exercise routine. I get about 5 hours of exercise a week. Dr. Hendricks is very adamant that everyone gets 7 hours of exercise a week. He wants me to exercise 7 days a week. I personally don't think that is good. I really think that the body needs that day of rest. Sunday's is the perfect day for that. Not that I haven't gone of plenty of walks on Sunday's, but I want to try and work out Monday thru Saturday and then rest on Sunday. I am even willing to increase my workout time from 1 hour to 1hr 15 min each day to make it to the 7 hours a week of working out. I committed to exercise 6 hours a week. So when I report back in 2 weeks I hope to say that I have done 6 hours a week. Then I will shoot for the recommended 7 hours a week.
I decided to post a picture of me in Black and White. Nothing special about it, other than it is not in color and it was taken today. I also have decided to use this as my picture on my profile. I have been wanting to change the picture for awhile, but just haven't been able to find one that I like enough. So, I don't know how long I will leave it up. I guess it depends how much feedback I get from everyone as to whether or not they like it.

I had George bring the girls over to my apartment tonight. I fixed them dinner and then we just hung out. I was able to get Kate to step away from playing with some Lego's long enough to pose for a picture with me. She is such a cutie! I tried to get Sarah to come get in the picture but she just ignored, so I will have to get her next time. :)

The funny thing about this picture is that I have my leg flexed in it. I don't think it was intentional or anything, in fact I think I was readjusting and Gideon took the picture. So I just thought I would post it for the heck of it. Who knows why I do random things like that...


Reuel and Ana said...

Honey you are really looking good. I like the B&W with that dress. Kate is so cute. I love here and Sarah's pictures with their chefs hats.

George said...

It looks like Kate is trying to escape in those pictures. She probably was, the little rascal!

Lucy said...

Looking fabulous, dahling.

Rebekah said...

Your hair looks really good. It has seemed much fuller lately. Have you been doing something different in the past few months, or has your healthy lifestyle helped your hair become healthier?