Saturday, January 27, 2007

DUH!!! How hard can it be?

So how hard can it be to post a picture? I have no problem posting them to my blogs, but I wanted to have a picture posted on my profile. From day one I was totally frustrated because I couldn't get a picture to upload. I am so impatient, that I just kept giving up. Well finally tonight I was bound and determined to post a picture. I took some pictures of myself last night. No one else was home so I had to do the good old "hold the camera out in front of your face and snap, snap, snap". Believe it or not the pictures actually turned out really well. After I cropped them, they looked even better. So I figured I would choose one of them. I couldn't decide which one I wanted to use so I had Gideon come check them out. I didn't tell him which one I thought was the best. Well it turns out we both picked the same one. So, now that I have a picture selected how the heck do I get it posted on my profile?

DUH! After an hour of trying several different things and switching from my laptop, to Gideon's computer, and then finally George's computer I decided to go to the "Help" section of blogger. Sure enough I found out exactly how to get my picture on my profile. It was so easy. I hate reading how to do something. If I am putting together something, regardless of what it is I don't like to read the directions. I just like to try and do it. The problem with this is that I often get so frustrated and irritated that I usually leave it lying on the floor for a few hours. Anyone that is even in the vicinity while I am trying to figure out how to put this thing together better watch out. I usually will snap at them like a Great White Shark going in for a kill. I am sure all my family members are laughing at this because they know it is true. I think each one of them have fallen victim to this. Poor Gideon got it tonight :). Anyway, after I leave the project for a while I come back , read the freakin directions and put it together in a jiffy. I do this time and time and time again, all with the same results and frustration. So is it any big surprise that I took the hard way to figure out how to post my picture?

It is nice to finally have some pictures of me that I like. Being so overweight for so long I really have very few pictures of myself over the past few years. I just didn't ever like how I looked. If anyone was lucky enough to even get me in a picture, it was a big deal. What else is shocking to me with these pictures is that I actually still had make up on after working 12 straight hours.

This one below is the one that Gideon and I decided looked the best. So I am happy to say that I finally have a face to my profile! Yeah!!!


jethrojones said...

Wow, Amy. I can't believe how different you look since I last saw you. You look great!

Staci said...

I too had a am having a hard time getting a profile pic up. I will have to check out the help. Your pics also look fabulous!

Lucy said...

Cute pictures! It's nice to have a face with the stories.