Sunday, January 14, 2007

Uncle Pideon

My brother Gideon moved in with us a few months after he came home from his mission in Finland. He first started out as our "slave". He didn't have to pay any rent, just basically be our slave. This consisted of being a housekeeper and nightly runs to the store for whatever type of dessert myself, George, or Amy were craving. Gideon didn't have a car when he first started living with us, so he was even more of a slave to me because if he wanted to use my car, he had to do what I asked of him. After a few months of this, Gideon grew tired of our demands and started "slacking" off with his slave duties. This came about the time he got a girlfriend too. We started charging him $10/day he didn't do any housekeeping and some months this added up quickly. Well when all moved into our new house (2 days before Christmas) we all decided he would start to pay rent. We are all much happier this way. Gideon is great fun to hang with. He puts up with my nicknames for him which are Schmoopie and Flounder. He doesn't care for Flounder and I usually only use it to annoy him the only way a sister can :). He is currently attending Sierra College and working for STAR, which is an after school enrichment program. The cool thing is he works at Greenhills Elementary where Sarah goes and she is in STAR. So Uncle Pideon gets to be her teacher.
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