Friday, January 19, 2007

Little Hammie


This is yet another one of my nieces. Nya lives in Salt Lake City, UT. She is two years old and quite the "Ham" She loves to laugh at herself and laugh at anyone and anything. Doesn't she have an amazing smile? Her is an example of her cuteness - Last night she went up to Rebekah and was laughing. She said "Mommy come see Daisy". Daisy is their black lab. Rebekah followed Nya back to the master bathroom. Nya was laughing the entire way there. When they got to the bathroom Nya shouted with joy "Look Mommy, I put Daisy in the shower". They have a big glass walk-in steam shower and Nya got Daisy to go in there and then shut the door. So Daisy was trapped in the shower and Nya just thought that was hilarious.

She just adores her cousin Katya. She is just like a little mother to her. It is nice that Jethro and Rebekah live so close to each other and that their girls get to play together. Nya loves to read and she likes to read to "Baby Katya". This picture is from the 4th of July, you can see how much Katya and Nya have grown. Katya doesn't look to happy in this picture, I think she was ready to eat.

Nya also enjoys going on walks and playing with some of her cousins from Matt's side of the family. I am jealous that Matt has all of his siblings who live so close. They all live in the Salt Lake area. I wish we all lived close together, but at least I am lucky enough to live with George and Gideon.

Nya, Matt (her dad) and Sophia (her cousin)

This is my sister Rebekah. She is holding Katya.

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