Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kate Bo Bate


Kate is 3 going on 21. She is so full of spunk and energy it is crazy! She can turn the charm on and pretty much has everyone wrapped around her finger. She loves anything "PINK". She loves going to school each day at Little Orchard Preschool or as Kate calls it "Little Orchy".

Kate loves to read and learn new things. She cracks us up constantly with her dynamic use of the English language. Her favorite letter is "P" and she likes to substitute the "P" at the beginning of words. For example she will call me "Pauntie" instead of "Auntie" or "Pommy or Paddy" for "Mommy and Daddy". My personal favorite, and apparently everyone else's too is "Uncle Pideon" instead of "Uncle Gideon" and when she says "Pideon" she yells it. It has really stuck and that is Uncle Gideon's new nickname. Kate really loves her "Uncle Pideon". She really will "ham" it up around him and likes to tease him on a daily basis. She doesn't cut him any slack and it is really funny.

Kate loves to play dress up, what little girl doesn't. She also loves to dance. She can shake her hips like Shakira. It is so cute.

I wish she was looking at the camera in this picture because it is so cute, but what can I say, she is three and has her own mind.

Kate is adored by everyone she comes in contact with. She has these stunning blue eyes and such perfect skin. Just look at the picture below. Don't you just want to hug her and squeeze her? Her personality is even more dynamic. You feel like you are talking to a little adult. She has a vivid imagination and tells great stories. She can be very convincing when she turns on the charm. My biggest challenge is saying "No" to her. If she really wants to something she comes up to you and bats her eye lashes, and asks in the sweetest voice "Auntie, can I have some ice cream?" I mean how can I say no to that.

Kate's favorite song is "I Am a Child of God". She loves to sing it and she sings it all the time. When we first moved into our ward Amy was called and as the Sacrament meeting chorister. Kate wanted to go up and lead the music with her. At this time she was only about 2 1/2. She stood up in front of the congregation and while everyone was singing the assigned Hymn, Kate was belting out "I Am A Child of God".

About a year later, it was Testimony meeting and Kate kept bugging George and saying that she wanted to go and bear her Testimony. George took her up and she started out saying a few things and then before you know it, she grabbed the microphone and sang at the top of her lungs "I Am A Child of God". So many people were so touched by that, because that was her testimony. I of course cried during the entire thing.

One final story about Kate and her singing.... One particular Sacrament Meeting Sarah and Kate were the featured musical number. Amy had rehearsed with them several times the song "I Love To See The Temple." Both girls were to sing the first verse together, and then Sarah was to sing the second verse as a Solo. Well, Kate wasn't going to be outdone by her older sister. So as they stood before the congregation at the pulpit they both started out beautifully. But before you know it, Kate grabbed the microphone so she could sing the first verse herself. Well Sarah, wanted to obey her Mom and sing the first verse too, so she grabbed the microphone back. This went back and forth every other word until Sarah subsided and Kate finished out the first verse as a solo and then Sarah finished up the second verse as a solo. When the song was over Amy went to help Kate off the stool and Kate grabbed the microphone and yelled "I'm not done yet Mommy". Too funny.

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