Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'll give anything a try...

I have enjoyed reading my sister Andrea's blog so much over the past few months. I started reading some of her friends blogs too, and decided that I would start a blog.

I hope I can find some exciting things to write about besides just work. I work a lot and my life pretty much revolves around that.

Several of Andrea's blogging buddies wrote a list of 100 things about themselves. I just loved reading them and got some good laughs. So, that is how I am going to start off my blog. I may even take each item and elaborate on it. If I take one a day, that is 100 days worth of blogging. So maybe my blog won't be so boring after all!

1 comment:

Reuel said...

great start honey. I knew you could write 100 items from the start. you have wanted to be a mother since you were 2. I love you and am grateful for you.

p.s. you don't need a boob job, but if you do come to Brazil to get one it is much cheaper here.