Friday, January 19, 2007

Just Chillin'

Can I just say this is the cutest picture ever? Seriously, I love it. This is my youngest niece Katya. It is my brother Jethro's daughter and she is about 8 months old. I just love everything about her and I just can't wait until my next trip up to Salt Lake City, UT so I can get my hands on her. She is such a happy baby and so good. She loves to laugh and smile and I know she is such a joy to be around. Her cousin Nya, just loves her too. I will be posting some pictures of Nya shortly.

For more cute pics of Katya check out Jethro and Staci's blog. The link is under "Blogs I love".
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Staci said...

We can't wait until your next trip out here so that you can love her to death, or hopefully we'll come out there.